Civil Trial Practice

While many civil disputes resolve by settlement, some ultimately need their day in court. Litigating cases from start to finish, including pleadings, discovery, motion practice, alternative dispute resolution, and trial by jury, can be a lengthy, arduous, and complex process. Clients of BBDG can rest easy knowing that, if their interests require taking cases all the way to verdict, its experienced and aggressive trial lawyers are always prepared to do so.

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Insurance Defense

Civil litigation often involves claims of personal injury or property damage to which insurance applies, or perhaps disputes over the existence or extent of coverage to any particular loss. From automobile policies to commercial general liability to workers’ compensation, BBDG is a full-service insurance defense firm with vast experience across all types of claims.

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Premises Liability

Owners of malls, retail shopping centers, restaurants, and other business establishments are consistently the target of lawsuits if anyone trips or slips on their premises, regardless of the actual cause. Owners of business establishments have a duty to business invitees to exercise reasonable care to maintain their premises in a safe condition and to warn of concealed defects. Contractors such as housecleaning companies have a duty to use reasonable care in the performance of contractual promises. Seek legal counsel before a lawsuit occurs and make sure your business has policies and procedures…and follows those policies and procedures in order to prevent personal injuries and minimize the risk of frivolous lawsuits.

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Trucking, Cargo, Auto

Although trucking is essential to American industry, the operation of commercial vehicles always carries the risk of accidents. Since trucks are large and usually well-insured, these accidents frequently result in claims for bodily injury, property damage, and/or lost or damaged cargo. Proper defense of such claims required early intervention, detailed familiarity with federal industry regulations, and experience handling large loss claim jury trials.

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Drug and Medical Device Liability

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Product Liability

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Brandon Mall Recovers Fees and Costs Following Jury Verdict

| Premises Liability | No Comments
Mack McCormick represented the Brandon Mall in its cross claim against its roofing contract, Ramcon, LLC. Ramcon, LLC refused to honor its contractual obligation to…

Trial Court Grants Directed Verdict for Firm’s Client Following Plantiff’s Case

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Plaintiff slipped and fell at the Brandon Mall when she slipped on water that came from a roof leak in a recently replaced section of…

BBDG Wins Another Case

| Premises Liability | No Comments
On October 4, 2019, after a three-day jury trial, Robert Bleakley and Josie Rahn obtained a defense jury verdict for the Sawgrass Mills Mall in…

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